Watch Childish Gambino’s „This is America” Versions from Around the World

So much has already been said about this song, that there is no point in repeating it. It has become an instant classic and the anthem for many people. Especially now, when we experience high tensions not only in the USA but also in many other countries. This song inspired many artists (some of them better, some not – but this is not really important here) to create their own version of the song.

Here you can have a taste of the original song.

It enabled them to speak out about their problems and the reality they live in. I didn’t really rate those songs in any order or filter them for whatever reason. You can simply watch/listen to them, maybe learn a little bit about those places, maybe disagree with the artist, who created it. And it is all good! I found it interesting and learned a few things. Some very basic, like the fact that Afghanistan is not only a desert, but has cities, and those cities actually look quite nice. All the videos are shown below. Many of them are in English, some not, look for subtitles button if possible.

This is Nigeria

This is Canada

This is Kenya

This is Africa – not exactly a country, but still worth checking out.

This is Russia

This is Brazil, and also here is a different, shorter version, more of a parody.

This is Ghana

This is Barbados

This is Afhanistan

This is South Africa

This is Sierra Leone

This is Iraq

This is Malaysia

Thanks for watching :).

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